Sedating children on flights

A flight attendant was later charged with assault for allegedly putting a prescription depressant in a 19-month-old girl’s apple juice to stop her crying.The flight attendant repeatedly offered to give the girl the juice, and the mother finally consented.It’s not unusual for parents to consider avoiding such potential problems by using medication to make their baby sleep.

Is it truly nobler to spurn sedatives, risk an unruly child, and bravely suffer the heartaches of stares and scorn of outraged fellow passengers?

This over-the-counter medicine contains promethazine, a sedating antihistamine.

Usually administered on the advice of a GP to treat motion sickness or discomfort from certain allergies, it has become the secret weapon for many middle-class mothers embarking on long-haul flights.

Even more important is that, with any medication, there can be dangerous side effects, such as a fast or irregular heartbeat, seizures, and changes in blood pressure.

Because the risks of serious adverse reactions often outweigh the benefits, over-the-counter medicines must be used with caution in babies and young children.

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Natural sleep is the best way to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your holiday.

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