Mpd database not updating elisabeth rohm dating

Library Controller.refresh For MPD this is connected to the update command, so if a client ask for an update there this code path will be triggered.

As for mopidy solving this, we could add a periodic call of refresh every x minutes, though I suspect that the requirements for this in various backends differ enough that having a one size fits all might be bad.

I have left it on for days, and no songs will be added.

As a note, I know the NFS server works as I can mount it from any of my other linux machines.

Heck, even Unstable only got alsaequal in early 2011. It is just fast as hell when you really want to important a BIG music library and it is light on resources.

music_directory "/var/lib/mpd/music" playlist_directory "/var/lib/mpd/playlists" db_file "~/.mpd/database" user "mpd" group "audio" bind_to_address "" port "6600" auto_update "yes" audio_output ...

Only the first tag value will be used, if multiple of the same type exist.

To sort by "Artist", "Album" or "Album Artist", you should specify "Artist Sort", "Album Sort" or "Album Artist Sort" instead.

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