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Kiss someone while you have bad breath or kiss someone while you have something stuck in your teeth? Have a perfect first kiss when you’re 21 or have a terrible first kiss when you’re 14? Burp while you’re kissing someone or fart while you’re kissing someone? Post a screen shot of your Twitter “Interactions” page.14.

Sometimes its complicated to figure out your feelings on your own so I thought i would provide a little help on insight to your inner selves. Questions are designed to ask some things that some men wonder and sometimes weigh the options of someone being right for you in life. Make out with someone in front of other people or hiding in a car? Kiss someone you don’t like on TV for 15 minutes of fame or not kiss them at all? Accidentally swallow someone’s gum while kissing them or accidentally bite their tongue? Have your first kiss ever with someone you care about or the hottest guy at school? State the name that your parents almost named you: Ashley3. - Out of the Woods, Taylor Swift’s new song Favorite fall or winter accessory?

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