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Here are the best sex podcasts available on i Tunes and online, ranked by other users like you.Sex is a very broad subject, and these podcasts capture almost every facet of it.“What a lot of people don't realise is that the brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body.

Plus, opting for phone sex over an IRL experience can be a great way to mix things up for long-term partners.Frozen is still the theme for Disney parties everywhere - here's where you can buy your outfit and dress like a princess for a day.Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans and Olaf costumes and wigs for babies, kids and adults available.ALSO READ: Clumsy ways Kenyan men approach women Now, sex expert Tracey Cox has revealed the top ten lies she claims women tell their partners. Then maybe it's time you and your other half had a chat...Our sex is just as exciting as it was in the beginning Ms Cox says that while "sex can get better the longer you’re together in that it’s more intimate, loving and caring," she adds that "passion, lust and excitement need novelty to ignite." No matter how many new things you try, she says, "it’s still the same body you’re having sex with all those years in - and your brain and body know it." Yes honey, I had an orgasm when you did Simultaneous orgasm is rare, Ms Cox says, because "most women take much longer to orgasm than men do, so he’s often done before we’ve even got to the halfway point" and "secondly, we’re talking split second timing given that both his and her orgasms generally last under a minute." ALSO READ: Six of the worst horror injuries people have received during passionate romps in the hay We have sex all the time The average married couple have sex less than once a week, according to the 2012 National Survey of Attitudes and Lifestyles.

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I don’t masturbate A 2010 study by Debbie Herbenick from Indiana University found 68.6 per cent of men and 51.7 per cent of women aged 25 to 29 had masturbated in the last month.

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