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They just aren’t intended to serve as deep, complicated explorations of complex characters or situations.Sure, you can happen upon the occasional exception, like currently falls somewhere in the middle.On the second part of the one-hour seventh season premiere, Raj gets consoled about his ex-girlfriend and Howard's relationship with his mother causes an unusual threat to his masculinity.Kevin Sussman returns as Stuart, the comic book store owner.This means that a lot of the show’s story lines could be wrapping up in a very big way.So do you want to know what’s coming up rather than wait?When Bernadette pressed Howard to tell his mother that they were moving out of the house and getting their own place, Howard assured Bernadette that he would.When Mama Wolowitz accidentally learned their plan from Bernadette and confronted Howard about it, he evaded the subject.

We have met Penny’s dad Wyatt played by Keith Carradine, but not her mother and brother. “It’s a little early to say for sure,” Molaro told TV Line, “but we would very much like to meet Penny’s mom and her brother, as well.” There is a very strong chance that Season 10 will be the first time to meet these characters because of the upcoming traditional wedding Penny will have.

While Howard’s life has probably undergone the most noticeable changes out of all of ’s characters, he’s still pretty much a giant schmuck and a wuss and by the end of “The Date Night Variable” he resolved nothing.

That same SAMENESS applies to our other couples: Amy and Sheldon and Penny and Leonard.

It would certainly be noticeable if our main character has a sibling and parent missing on her big day.

In Season 9 we saw Penny and Leonard get married in Las Vegas.

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After Amy ruins one of Sheldon's favorite movies – Raiders of the Lost Ark – he gets defensive, seeking revenge.

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