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As a pure free agent, Chris Paul didn't like his options and that was understandable.Paul could take the five years to commit to a Los Angeles Clippers team that had plateaued and lacked the means to get meaningfully better, or he could sign a four-year deal with a stripped down version of the Houston Rockets or San Antonio Spurs.Haynes appeared on “The Jim Rome Show” on Monday and shared some interesting tidbits, none of which we had really heard before.With the Cavaliers currently facing a 2-0 series deficit in the NBA Finals, Haynes said that the team could pursue Carmelo Anthony and/or Chris Paul in the offseason if Cleveland loses the series in four or five games.The defending world champion Cavaliers made a spectacular comeback in the NBA Finals last year, roaring back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Warriors, and becoming the first time in league history to ever accomplish the feat.Now the two teams are squaring off in the Finals for the third consecutive season, but with the addition of Kevin Durant, this Warriors team is almost unfair to play against, due to the mismatches they create.There’s nobody in the East that can contend with them that could mess with them.Nobody.“But Bron’s not going to be happy about that, so if the Warriors are to get this series over within four or five, I would expect Cleveland to make some moves,” Haynes added. I don’t know, because there’s always been talk about Chris Paul and Le Bron James teaming up at some point, but I just don’t know if the chemistry fits with them.

Paul ranked second in the entire NBA in Real Plus Minus this past season behind only Le Bron James and ahead of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Kawhi Leonard.

As Vice Sports' Bethlehem Shoals explained, then-commissioner David Stern's veto, while stunning in many ways, was in the best interest of a league lacking parity, in the wake of a five-month lockout intended (in part) to curb superstar consolidation: Anyone can mash together All-Stars and win some games.

It's far more difficult to build a team that drums up interest in the sport.

Melissa and Chris film the series up in Vancouver, Canada and they have been seen walking each other’s dogs on several occasions this month.

Melissa filed for divorce from her husband Blake Jenner back in December and it was reported that Chris split from his girlfriend Hanna Mangan-Lawrence in January.

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