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— in which the Japanese home-organizing guru makes everyone feel bad about their socks by declaring their daily life “brutal,” likening their balled-up, tied-up status in your sock drawer to being in a continual “state of tension.” Wong hasn’t been able to think about hoarding — or being a sock terrorist — the same way since. It’s almost like they’re in a Miyazaki movie — it’s a nice way to think about things. So as I got better at stand-up and grew up in my 20s, I let my hair down, literally and figuratively, and it felt great.

“Kondo’s way of thinking about socks is that they have feelings and are animated. Then I got tired of that whole style and realized that as long as I was funny, it didn’t really matter.

Defence attorneys had called the death of the son of Chinese immigrants a fraternity prank gone horribly awry.

The four defendants, Kenny Kwan, Charles Lai, Raymond Lam and Sheldon Wong, had been charged with third-degree murder, but pleaded guilty to felony manslaughter and hindering apprehension charges.

Deng, who suffered a brain injury, died a day later.

Wong did not participate in the hazing but helped organise it as “pledge educator,” Metzger said.

Dating sites are by far one of the most important ways for people to find new loved ones, and online dating has actually changed the way people get to make friends and marry.

I barely knew any Japanese beyond basic travel essentials and my image of the country was glamorized by movies, dramas and songs. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Japan, but I am beginning to understand and learn more about the country beyond the shining lights and glittering sights.Thanks to a huge pool of persons to make your choice from, it’s faster to choose what and when to do, as well as how you can do it.Free dating is quicker this way, and you will certainly like the results to say the least.Culture wise, Japan isn’t so different from Singapore; there are common Asian values so culture shock was not an issue.Adapting to life was not too big a problem, while trying to deal with all the paperwork and procedures took some getting used to, and I still struggle with it, but everything was still fun.

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