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Now, we are ready to validate our XML file against the XSD using either DOMDocument or XMLReader.

XMLReaders; public class Jdom Using SAXBuilder Xsd Validating Download and for the example above. XML Schema is the most widely-implemented standard for describing the structure and contents of an XML instance document.Defined by the W3C as a replacement for Document Type Definitions (DTD), XML Schema has become a crucial adjunct to other XML Web Services standards such as WSDL.If the parser is not able find a schema or if the XML document does not conform to the schema, an error is raised.Next, create an XMLSchema object from the schema document with which an XML document is to be validated.

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While the ei Console and the ei Platform do not require the use of XML Schema, they do provide a number of useful tools for interacting with various XML schemas / XSD files.

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