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Unveiled at the 2011 NRA Convention, the MVP caught lots of attention by having the fairly unique ability to feed from AR-15 magazines in a bolt-action rifle.Later that year it was shown at another event, with the new Surefire 100 round magazine hanging from its action, showing it could fit just about any AR-15 magazine one could jam in it.Just two years into the 1939-45 War, Britain was suffering a serious shortage of suitable training rifles. were already supplying much miltary materiél, and a request was made for a consignment of .22 rimfire rifles suitable for the purpose.With all local manufacturers committed to the far higher priority of Service arms production, there were simply not enough small calibre rifles to go round. The Mossberg Model 42 rifle was a sporting/target based design which offered an excellent basis on which minor modifications could comparatively easily be made to current production lines; the substitution of the three-quarter length stock with a full-length military style stock being the most significant and obvious.The Mossberg Model 42 rifle was a sporting/target based design which offered an excellent basis for which minor modifications could easily be made to current production processes where the three-quarter length stock could be modified to a full-length military style stock by adding another section to the fore-end The initial contract in June 1941 was for 10,000 rifles.Previous to this date, Mossberg had used only a letter codes on their production rather than serial numbers. Our range finder will help you find a place to shoot your guns no matter where you are.

Here at TFB, we’ve been blessed by Mossberg with one to review.

"The lead was right hand, and all were made with a twist of one revolution in 16". Made with four or five grooves."Takedown, 22 lr,l,s. Hammerless, takedown, 22 lr,l,s, tubular magazine, holds (14)lr, (16)l, (20)s.

The grooves 0.084, lands 0.086 wide and 0.0025 deep, plus or minus 0.0002.

Plain pistol grip beech or birch, walnut finished stock with finger grooves and swivels and 5/8" sling.

Plain pistol grip birch walnut finished stock with semi beaver tail forearm made to NRA specifications, sling and 1.25" swivels.

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