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Until you’ve lost a family member yourself, you won’t understand what a comfort it is to the family to see “a full church [and] the pews packed with people who also care for and remember the deceased. The family knows that attending a funeral is inconvenient, and that’s why they’ll never forget that you came.” (from )Funerals today range from the rigidly ritualistic to the extremely informal.

Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from attending funeral services.

The first question that will come up is should you attend the funeral?

Unless the obituary says it’s a private service, then you can assume the public is welcome, and you should go.

Younger (immature) bald eagles are chocolate brown, mottled with white.

For this reason, it is important to learn the size, shape and flying posture to correctly identify bald eagles.

Viewing bald eagles as they migrate or congregate in wintering areas has become a popular wildlife-watching activity.(For a glimpse of the differences, see Funeral Customs.) There are very few reasons for taking pictures when attending funeral services.In some religious traditions, any type of recording device is forbidden at a funeral (see Funeral Customs).This page gives tips for identifying eagles on the wing, tells where to see bald eagles in New York, and describes etiquette for safe and protective viewing of these wonderful birds. Its striking white head and tail and the sheer size of its wingspan (6 to 7 feet) make it hard to miss.However, it is not until an eagle reaches maturity at about five years that the white plumage develops.

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