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His first special with CBS debuted on and was entitled Keith Barry: Extraordinary.

The special later aired on New Year's Eve 2006 on The CW and on New Year’s Day 2007 on TV3 in New Zealand and the Arena channel in Australia.

FQM FQM 2010 Episode 2 Black Ops is MIA - everywhere I looked (and I mean EVERYWHERE - try googling for it and you will see) there's a consistent pattern going on: s01e01/03/04/05, s01e01/03/04/05, s01e01/03/04/05, and so on. That brings up 2 questions: - Has NOBODY recorded/grabbed this particular episode off the web? OR, - WHO would have the power to search throughout the entire interwebs and rid it from this particular episode, and perhaps even more important, WHY?

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Born in Ferrybank, Waterford city, Ireland, Barry's interest in magic began at the age of 14 when he purchased a book entitled Magic for the Complete Klutz.

"Black Ops", "Used Car Salesman", "Cops and Robbers", and " Daring and Dating ".

Keith Patrick Barry (born 2 October 1976) is an Irish mentalist , hypnotist, magician and activist .

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