Drupal activity stream not updating

The currently proposed verb for creating a subscription is to "follow" but this could change to "subscribe" or something similar.Users can configure their subscriptions in a single UI, and subscribe to taxonomy groups, comments and edits on individual nodes, as as users., it's time for a more detailed plan on how to use these modules.The proposed Commons notification system allows users to receive updates in their activity stream as well as by email.'Recent site activity' disappears after enabling Lingotek and dependencies.It just shows how much time ago any activity has happened but not showing which activity.

I have to either click on Refresh link or reload page to see updates. additionaly, there is nothing else on the panel - only statuses and im using omega theme.omg, i just found the cause.

admin/statuses/contexts/user and specify the DOM path of the view you want to update.thanks for your response:) unfortunately, i steps you mentioned did not help.

I placed block in the panels and view with statuses is not refreshed.

- Central UI to manage subscriptions (stream and email) that are defined by other modules.

- Other modules add controls to that UI via an API - Other modules likely define: - - Message type(s) that should be visible in the UI.

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  1. Rather we simply concentrate in a simple configuration of a custom zone and config file for a given domain / host supporting www, mail services. Last thing before we go ahead to check a configuration is to add and IP address af a stable DNS server to a options file.