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They'll discover that their own sex lives are pretty normal and that if somebody else is making out like bandits, they're not enjoying it as much as Mr. A lot of groups with particular agendas attack this study because it doesn't confirm the biases of the past.

But just because you don't like it, that doesn't mean it isn't true.

This presents more questions than answers: What is it about America that makes us so interested in other people's nocturnal adventures?of Chicago, .95, 0-226-46957-3], is addressed to social scientists, counselors, and health professionals.) Its most startling conclusion is that most Americans don't "do it" as much as the media and such previous surveys as Kinsey's have made us think.First explaining why this study accurately represents the entire U. population in its target age-range (18-59) and why the information gleaned from its respondents is credible, the smoothly edited text presents findings in 11 fields of inquiry: who our sex partners are, how we find them, how many of them we have, how often we have sex, how prevalent particular sexual practices and preferences are among us, how much we masturbate and use erotica and what we think of these things, how many of us have experienced homosexual feelings and behavior and how frequently, how many and what kinds of persons among us have ever contracted sexually transmitted diseases, how many and what kinds of persons among us have contracted the AIDS virus, how many have experienced forced sex, and how social attitudes correlate with the prevalences of certain kinds of sexual behavior.even as for the Jews don't tax down check yourself on ...DVD because they had seen emerging to impose an inactive you know all this technology is very new to not many rules but what's life and let's not lie ...

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Not with freedom, fast food, or the right to bear arms, but with sex and sexual propriety.

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