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You can include anyone you’d like, living or deceased. Thanking you so much, Valerie8/11/17: I am a 22 year old woman. Sue8/2/17: I ask you pray for my relationship, and for God to enlighten my path in my relationship to allow me to know if I should end it or keep going; but most importantly, to get closer to God and stay closer to God. O Gentlest Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the soul of Thy departed servant, my precious Daddy. All these problems are troubling, and as my son is the only breadwinner in the family, he needs these requests answered immediately. This is the third time I have needed to move in the past three years. She would just say that the people that commit suicide go to hell, and now that I think about that how can she be so hypocritical to tell me something like that when she's doing that with my brother. Please let make the doctors get it this time and fix it so she never has to deal with this again. Ophelia7/30/17: Lord Jesus, I pray for my love Anifa. My daughter is not speaking to me and is also having major health issues. I feel it in my heart and soul because how he came into my life and world. I'm so tired of being stressed everyday just waiting for them to mess with my family again. Pray for me.7/27/17: Please pray for God to heal my daughter who has epilepsy. Please pray for all of those who are suffering from mental illness.Rest assured that we will keep your e-mail address confidential and will not sell or otherwise share it with anyone. May God send the Holy Spirit to protect my parents and Fredo from harm, accidents, illness, depression, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. May He send the Holy Spirit to guide and help Oliver, Rich, Leonard, and Andrea in their careers so they'll succeed. I currently live at home with my parents because I go to school and don’t have a job. Gayathri B.8/11/17: Please pray that my heart heals after this very difficult break up. Then I ask God's mercy of Blessing for me, and in Santa Maria, blessed hope. B.8/11/17: Please pray for me, that God would work on his miracle for me. May I get the job position I’ve been working hard for and been praying hard for. Please help her to feel the same way, fall in love with me, and want to be with me. Please pray for Jan and I to get back together soon and his love for me continues and grows stronger. Karely C.8/1/17: Dear God and praying community, I need prayer for healing for my sister Bernadette, who needs to have a procedure. Jude, please heal me from my chronic itching rashes. Be not severe in Thy judgment but let some drops of Thy Precious Blood fall upon the devouring flames. All the homeless shelters are full and there's really nowhere to go. Two of us are employed so we are looking for a place that’s affordable and for someone who's willing to work with us. I am having difficulty finding a place and I need to move by Aug 31. Jude, please pray for my sons and their families and for my wife and me. She tries to act like she loves God and she's religious, but why would she do that to her own son, mess him up for life. My dad and sisters are pretty much estranged from me now as a result of the chaos. I truly don't want to give up on him because he is truly worth fighting for because he means the whole world to me. Either someone gets hurt or we have to spend money to get something fixed. Please pray for all who are in a violent relationship.You can give your name or an abbreviation if you wish. I constantly face a lot of negative verbal abuse from my family. Walter meant so much to me, and he broke up with me and broke all our promises that we made. Please pray that I may be the chosen CDA for the hospital I’m applying for. Caroleen8/11/17: Lord God Jesus, please help me to have a fast recovery from my pain right now and that my company, Barrick, will offer me an office job. Naphtali8/11/17: I wanted to give thanks and ask for guidance. Please help her to open up to me and be more comfortable with me. Please help the pastor's family, as he passed this morning. Jake8/11/17: Please pray for me and my family, that we can find peace and guidance during our struggles, and that we can have that happy home we dreamt of having; and that everything could be as it was but better in every way. Eds8/2/17: Please pray for my parents and my brothers, that any hurt in their hearts is replaced with small joy every day, and that they are healthy; also, for my husband that he can be a better man. Please pray his family and everyone else accepts our relationship. Jude, I have completed another 9 day novena to you. She needs healing so that she would not need this procedure done. O Merciful Savior, send Thy Angels to conduct Thy departed servant, my precious Daddy, to a place of light, and peace. Fabian G.8/1/17: Please let my mammogram go well next week. I am feeling worried and anxious about the situation. I ask for your special prayers for my health, and for positive results for the upcoming test for my hearing procedure. I am 100% sure that she is giving my brother hand jobs I don't know if they do more than that but I'm sure even hand jobs are considered incest and are against God. I've had teens who are homeless, living with me on and off. Pray that God removes all obstacles that stand between us. Please pray that it was meant for us to be together forever and not for him to break my heart. Lisa7/30/17: I pray that God heals all the people on this site in every way. My husband is in the hospital with some heart complications. take care of her and himself too before he becomes ill too. Pam7/29/17: Please pray for me to get back on my feet financially and physically. She has had radiation and other surgeries and weight loss due to this affliction. I am devastated, as I have been praying, lighting candles etc. No other man or thing on earth will ever fills his shoes or replace James. Please, dear Lord, I truly need you because I can't do this on my own anymore. Coreen 7/29/17: Pray for me for recovery of my money. The situation is so complicated that the only thing I can do is pray to God for help. My prayer request is that I’m suffering from fibroids and thyroid problems. AC7/27/17: Please pray for my father, who had a tumor in his brain and is now fighting for his life in a coma.We post prayer requests as they come in, on this page, following the form given below, usually within a day or two of receiving them. I am very lonely without you Sushila, please come back home soon. They never appreciate anything I do for them and they always blame me for the little things I do wrong. Please, help him realize his mistakes and to treat me with respect. Please help the children to want me around and like me as I do them. Please forgive me for my anger and my mistakes I’ve made in my life and for not providing that happiness and comfort that the woman of my life deserves. I filed for divorce from an abusive alcoholic husband 2 years ago. Help all my brothers and sisters return to the Catholic Church. Megan8/2/17: Pray that our business that will open this month will be successful and will be abundantly blessed by the Lord every day. Vero8/2/17: Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Please pray for Dean and Curt to beat their cancer. I thank you for all you have done for me and I pray you will continue to help me through difficult times. If she does need the procedure, we need the Holy Spirit to intercede to provide guidance where she should have the procedure performed. To the Camp come people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. May his soul, and the souls of all the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Nancy8/1/17: Please pray for my broken relationship with my mother and her mental health. Let there be no cancer, biopsies, or further testing. Prayers for the poor and needy and suffering and for the deceased of our families. I know it's a long message but I just don't have anybody to vent to. Heather7/30/17: Father, I ask you if you may please remove Maria Z. Please keep her far away from me and anyone else who wants to harm me. I'm in over my head and ready to just give up on all of this. Thank you so much, Angela7/30/17: Please pray that Steve's feelings grow for me. I also pray that he takes away anger, unforgiveness, and unmended hearts and replaces them with positive, loving thoughts, positive people, gentleness, and kindness. S.7/29/17: Please pray for Wilfred who is in critical condition on a ventilator with pancreatitis and complications. Vivianna7/29/17: God, please help my newborn and her mum, plus me, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. I pray for healing, peace, comfort, strength, and a long, long healthy life ahead, as he is young. Lori7/29/17: Heavenly Father, your son Lord Jesus Christ, and Blessed Mother Mary please pray for Penny E. She is very sick with kidney disease and diabetes and other illness. Lisa7/29/17: Please pray for Jonathan, a young man who is in Rehab. I've lost everything to 2 very dishonest mechanics who took all of my money and did not repair my car. Please heal my heart and soul by guiding James back to me because I truly know that we are truly so very perfect for each other and we are truly meant to be together. Diana7/29/17: Please pray for me, as I am having a very difficult time at my workplace. A great friend introduced me to an online business which I now sense is a scam. My mom just went back to work 2 weeks ago after not being able to for 7 weeks because of what they did to her. Paul Catholic Church today after work, the Church I was baptized in and the Church I miss so much. He had a massive heart attack yesterday, and most of his heart has been damaged as the result of several heart attacks. Krista7/27/17: St Jude, St Francis and St Anthony I come to ask you to help Ch to get better soon. Protect her, comfort her, ask Jesus to restore her to good health, and bless her and her parents.School administrators also call the first few months the “Red Zone,” a time when a college student is most vulnerable to sexual assault.But that isn’t to say that assaults stop at Thanksgiving break.It can occur in person or electronically and might occur between a current or former dating partner. Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development.Several different words are used to describe teen dating violence. Dating violence is widespread with serious long-term and short-term effects. Unhealthy, abusive, or violent relationships can have severe consequences and short- and long-term negative effects on a developing teen.

Dating violence does not come out of love, it arises from jealousy and insecurity and a need for control. By acknowledging and speaking out against teen dating violence, by teaching comprehensively about domestic violence, sexual violence and healthy youth relationships, by providing a safe space for help and for discussion, you could make the difference between life and death.

During the preteen and teen years, young people are learning the skills they need to form positive, healthy relationships with others.

This is an ideal time to promote healthy relationships and prevent patterns of relationship violence that can last into adulthood.

In late August, as thousands of students across the country geared up for college, FUTURES launched an awareness-raising campaign called The Other Freshman 15.

The first 15 weeks can be the riskiest time for students—and not just for weight gain as the common expression of “the freshman 15” connotes.

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Studies investigating the effectiveness of programs to prevent dating violence are beginning to show positive results.

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