Updating hackintosh to 10 5 6

dont remove Apple Intel until install finished, or it will stop with error. For OSX86 users there are some changes in 10.5.6 like in 10.5.6 there will be a new Apple which will panic if you haven't your RTC Device patched in your DSDT.Add which parts you have working in the categories listed below, or create a new category.

Necessary Materials: UPDATE: Audio fix The 10.6.7 update will break your audio, but running this here version of Netbook Installer will get it running again: hope these are useful!If it takes over an hour, something is probably wrong but other than that don’t interfere. See update at bottom for audio fix) Mech Drew’s instructions include manually running Netbook Installer after you install or update OSX.I believe that Netbook Boot Maker has been upgraded so that now it runs it automatically whenever you install or update.It is a Core i7 870, and a friend gave me an Apple GT 120 video card. After updating with 10.6.8 combo update every thing works with out any additional kexts.So I did not install Multibeast - easybeast keeping as 'vanilla' as possible.

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How to update: install install this ( a bit updated to be present in mkext) reboot create backup of Extensions folder.

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