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The families of these girls would have been horrified if photographs of their daughters were circulated and just as horrified to know that they had sent the photographs in the first place.

News Story about Saudi Blackmailer try to extort money from 400 victims who sent him pornographic and revealing photographs.

I'm not even sure what our official policy is in that regard...

Nothing's easy in Saudi Arabia, especially if it involves appearing in public or the opposite sex, so it shouldn't be a surprise that dating is a logistical nightmare here.

His refusal to forgive him contributed to the judge’s decision to have the thief’s hand cut off.

I don’t know the details such as whether or not the thief had a previous history of stealing.

Eventually the robber was caught and my friend’s father was asked if he would forgive the robber or not.

Part of the goal of this blog is to stay away from the blatantly personal: the tales of my daily routines, frustrations in the office, and my private life.

However, this is too illustrative of a story to hold back - if you want a good idea of what life is like in Saudi Arabia, this is the best I can give you.

Some identifying details have been changed to protect the reputations of those involved and to ensure that they can continue to defy the authorities.

And, as always, this is just my personal view and in no way represents what the US government thinks about the religious police.

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