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Announcements made day of sale supersede any printed material. Announcements made day of auction supersede any printed material.Before agreeing to an auto insurance policy, always do some research on the insurance company itself, regardless of its size.

Property prices nationwide across the United States have been rising at a much more rapid rate than wages and salaries. A number of prominent real estate investors and developers have also spoken anecdotally that they’re no longer buying.

The ratio is based on how many complaints the provider receives for every 1,000 accident claims it files. Given the traumatic nature of car accidents, the last thing you want is to have your situation compounded by poor customer service.

Customer complaints against car insurance companies always revolve around how providers handle claims. Complaint ratios are provided for each calendar year.

There are several ways to research a provider's customer track record.

One of the best ways to do this is to check the insurance company's complaint ratios. Distinguishing between them can help you decide how much weight to give them when selecting a car insurance company.

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