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If you have any personal experience, share them here.A non-Muslim is expected to take Shahadah oaths before Nikaah (marriage). Shirk is not only the worship of idols, but also offering prayers or supplications to anyone, living or dead. However, a Muslim lady cannot marry to a non-Muslim, including one belonging to the "People of Book." If some Muslim sister has indulged in this, she should approach the husband and try her best that he also converts to Islam.3) expect the children to have Arabic names only, 4) children have Sunat (religious circumcision) and raised in the Islamic faith only, 5) will not allow idol, like Lord Ganesh murti, displayed in your living room, You will hear some of these expectations just before the wedding and most after the marriage.After years of being in a romantic relationship, reluctantly accepting the religious conversion (Shahadah) may be the only way of averting a marital grid-lock.Neither he nor I can turn back the hands of time though. Life has been ok for us, and I love my husband very much.

Throughout her time at University she looked at couples roaming around and taking care of each other.

They became good friends and occasionally went for lunch together.

The boss told Sarah that he will marry her after 3 years.

Shahadah is the declaration that there is no god but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Meanwhile she will not act as his wife and stay divorced.

In case he doesn't embrace Islam, divorce is inevitable.

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